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Our marketplace is your sales channel in the Baltic States and Finland
PHH Group Marketplace is the largest e-commerce platform in the Baltic States and Finland. The platform operates in 4 countries under well-known names: in Lithuania, in Latvia, in Estonia and in Finland.

Join to sell and reach a market of 11.5 million potential buyers!
You will increase your sales
A guaranteed customer flow
Lots of free and paid advertising opportunities
All the infrastructure needed for e-commerce
Free collection of payments for sales
All possible ways of delivery of to customers
Free customer service I-VII 8 - 22
Help and support
Personal manager and professional advice
Instructions and teaching material
Our marketplace is the right way to reach customers in the Baltic states and Finland
11.5 M
potential customers
1.5 M
active users
400 K
customer visits daily
1.8 M
completed orders per year

Easy to get started: just 4 steps!

1. Sign up
Fill in the registration form and we will contact you
2. Sign the agreement
Discuss all the terms and conditions and sign a cooperation agreement. General conditions of seller agreement can be found here.
3. Get ready to sell
Add product descriptions, photos and prices to the account created for you
4. Sell and earn
Use personalised marketing solutions to boost sales
Easy to use placeholder
Uploading goods into the system
Manually one item at a time
Unlimited number of products using Excel or Google Sheet
Using XML, according to a template provided by us
Order management
Manage your orders in the account created for you
Track order statuses and analyse trading results
Process returns
Delivery of goods
Manage delivery times
Receive shipment stickers from the system
Deliver customer orders to the central warehouse of will deliver parcels to customers
We collect and settle payments for goods sold as follows:
We will pay you the amount of orders completed between 1-15 of the month on the 5th of the following month.
We will pay you the amount of orders completed between 16-31 days of the month on the 20th of the following month.
Important to know
You can set pricing, stock, discounts and delivery times on a country-by-country basis.
Activation of goods requires EAN product codes (not applicable to handicrafts category).
The first photo must be on a white background with no additional attributes. There must be at least two photos per item in JPG or JPEG format.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Is it possible to trade not in all Baltic States?

You can choose the country where you want to trade. It is important to note that you can set the range of goods, pricing, and delivery time for each country individually.

Is the contract fixed-term?

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. The services are provided on the terms discussed until the parties (or one of the parties) decide to terminate the contract.

Is the range of goods limited? How many different goods can I upload?

You can upload an unlimited number of goods.

Can I advertise goods, apply discounts or otherwise exclude them from the general range of sellers?

By logging in to your personal account, you can independently manage goods promotions and set discounts. Our team helps to select personalized marketing solutions to ensure steady sales growth.

How can I manage incoming orders?

You can confirm the incoming orders by logging in to your personal account. Next steps: pack the goods for shipment, print and stick the shipment sticker, which is automatically will be generated by our system.

Do the prices of my goods have to match the prices set by another sellers when we trade the same goods?

Only you control the pricing of your goods – you set the final selling price of the goods. The prices of your goods do not have to match the prices of other sellers.

How to pack a shipment properly?

The most important is to pack the shipment so, that the goods could not be damaged or lost during transportation. When you want to deliver shipments to our warehouse, use packaging boxes.

How is the invoicing process going?

You issue an invoice for the goods sold to the customer yourself.

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